Professional ovens for bakeries, patisseries and pizzerias.

Passion for tradition.

Mc Forni born from the experience of more than thirty years of design, construction, studies and innovation on ovens, for bread, pastry, pizzas, also for Gluten Free products, with continuous research on energy savings, lower polluting emissions, reduced dimensions and customized solutions to customer needs (example Hybrid oven).

Ovens for Gluten Free products
Product tested and fully functional thanks to the experience of the owners and with the support and advice of chef.
  1. 1
    100% MADE IN ITALY
    Craft ovens also made on measure.
  2. 2
    Hybrid oven, with new technology.

  3. 3
    Silent, robust, all totally in stainless steel.
  4. 4
    Up to 40% energy savings compared to some competitor ovens.

Rotor ovens for bakeries and patisseries




All the production of the MC FORNI rack ovens is distinguished by a very compact size due to the placement of the heat source inside the cooking chamber, optimizing the space and thus reducing the energy consumption.

Another remarkable advantage of this innovative feature is an extraordinary development of the baked products and it also simplifies the maintenance.

Serie elettrico modulare

The modular electric oven is manufactured with the same features of a bread oven.

- Baking chamber entirely in steel of large thickness

- Compact dimensions, low power consumption through the standard installation of economizer over the deffered start timer

- Possibilty to overlap maximum 3 modular elements (plug exhaust steams already prepared)

Serie elettrico a piani

The baking of bakery, pastry, pizzeria, focacceria and gastronomy products, takes place by armoured stainless steel resistances, on the floors made of refractory reinforced concrete, with flint sand.

The baking chambers are made of stainless steel, of thickness 1,5 mm., watertight welded, to guarantee the tight of the steam.

The baking chambers are independent between them, with possibility of regulation from 0 to 100% between ceiling and floor. In the back part of the chamber, the resistances are adjustable to avoid the problem of accumulation of heat in the bottom.

Serie a Tubi

The steam tube oven is the older system and tested to bake bread so soft and uniform.

Maintaining the oven always ready also after a long time to rest, the product is not burned.